Machine and equipment design

Nowadays it’s not enough for equipment to do what it’s supposed to do. The equipment also has to fulfil the standards that your company or customers follow.


Metallialan suunnittelu vaasa.jpeg2We will produce a solution that is tailored to your needs. We use the modern SolidWorks - 3D CAD design software



3D mallinnus piirto2Precise 3D pictures and animations give a good idea of the product even before you reach the prototype stage



Testaus kokoonpano simulointiFunctionality is ensured with a trajectory test before installation, either with a 3D model or a physical model. An FEM analysis can also be
carried out for the structure of the product



Mallit 3D metalli

A 1:1 model shows the reality and functionality. In our small products we use a 3D metal printer to create the most accurate model possible.



Metallialan suunnittelu dokumentointi2A product is complete only when it has been properly documented. With the help of our tracking code (TM Code), product documentation can be saved in the cloud.



Metallialan suunnittelu piirustukset2Clear technical drawings that fulfil the standards of the industry are an essential part of our design work.