System deliveries

A production system ordered from us consist of a subsystem or an entire production chain. We deliver equipment that fulfils both official specifications and the requirements of continuous production. When needed,our life cycle service will maintain the equipment all the way until its final recycling.

We carry out the necessary acquisitions in Finland, Europe, India, and China. Product testing includes precise test loading, FEM analyses, CE markings, various ratings, and hydraulic pressure tests up to 2500 bar. In addition we carry out non-destructive testing such as liquid penetrant testing.


Typical fields of industry
which order our systems

  • Diesel motor manufacturers
  • Defence forces
  • Automation industry
  • Mechatronics manufacturers

Image: Colour and laser-coded tool series for F/A-18 Hornet produced for the Finnish Air Force.


● Design and modelling 
● Manufacturing and assembly 
● Packaging and protection 
● Buying services 
● Testing and classification 
● Warehousing and delivery service

FA18 Hornet tools