Laser services

Laser marking is used to make clear, easy-to-read, and durable markings on various materials. A laser can be used to engrave logos, barcodes, matrix codes, number series, and various images.
Laser marking can also be used to bring out colour tones.

With the help of TM Code laser marking, you can conveniently check the maintenance information of equipment via the cloud service.




laserleikkaus tiivisteetWe cut both organic materials and plastics into the desired shape. An example is the gaskets for industrial equipment. Material thickness (mm): rubber 5, plexiglass 2, POM 10, Nylon 5, plywood 8, Teflon 2, polycarbonate 0.2.

Laser engraving

Laserkaiverrus lasermerkinta2In laser engraving, a layer of the material’s surface is burned off. The result is a 3-dimensional surface or one with the underlying layer exposed. Typical targets are industrial plates, signals, and the background for instrument panels.